Game changing software tools for project planners, consultants and risk managers

Now you can easily get control over potential project failure points and make risks visible up front for targeted attention.

I can do a lot more in the up-front planning of the project than with other software which is is only good if project A is like project B. I live in an environment where each project is different. This software allowed me to get in control of that. In the past things came out of left field and then projects either ran over time or over budget.

Simon Doe - Facility Manager Australian National Fabrication Facility – (ANFF-SA)

In my previous organization the software was very inflexible and assumed that all workers worked in the same way and all projects had the same format. Each of our projects needs flexibility. The benefit of ProjectDSM for us is to interact better with our clients. What I found especially useful is the visual representation of our planning so that you can communicate in a way that your stakeholders can understand what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to do it.

Simon Pearce - CEO Advanced Scientific Communications, Australia

One of the big issues in the projects I do is thatthe assumptions that people make are in their heads and not written down anywhere. The software makes you think through what the components of the projects are by having a systematic approach. A lot of project plans are thrown together because you remember what you did last time and so you repeat the mistakes you made last time. DSM Matrix Pro has been a huge breakthrough for us here.

Delyth Samuel - Manager Custom and Design Programs, The University of Melbourne