DSM Matrix Prois a windows-based software tool usingthe basic principles and applications of Dependency Structure Methods or design structure matrix-based problem solving in small projects of up to 150 tasks or system components.

The main aim of DSM Matrix Pro is to provide a user-friendly tool that allows project planners and consultants to design, test and evaluate their projects and learn by doing.

The software tool has been developed for the following audiences:

  • Project planners and managers
  • Small to medium business owners
  • Product developers
  • Business managers
  • Strategic planners
  • Business and technology company consultants
  • Business schools
  • DSM trainers who teach and train professionals in industry and business in the principles and application of DSM in their organizational contexts.
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students in engineering, design and project management courses,
  • Business students in MBA courses for analysing risks including strategic risk to business systems and processes.

DSMmatrixProallows you to design small projects (up to 150 elements) and practice using:

  • Static dependency matrices for the design and analysis of systems and product architectures, organizational architectures,
  • Time-based DSMs for product design processes, project planning and management, and for general problem solving,
  • Basic multi-domain functionality to teach the principles of derived DSMs.

DSM Matrix Pro is a powerful tool for project planners and consultants to communicate project plans, project risks and intended contingency and management options to management.