ProjectDSM is a powerful but easy to use software that deploys DSM methods while you are planning your project from the ground up.  It does not require familiarity with DSM methods but requires you to follow the process of using the Project wizard steps.

ProjectDSM is an intuitive windows-based application that uses wizards in common English. You can customize project templates and the look and feel of the application.

ProjectDSM combines several working techniques for the design, optimal structuring and management of a project. It combines conventional project management methodology with mind mapping and the design structure matrix method in one user friendly package.

You can start planning your projects using any of the methods that you are familiar with. You may even start planning a project without having any formal training in project management at all. The system will guide you through the process of defining the essential project information flow that exists between project elements.

ProjectDSM uses a series of wizards to help you to:

  • Define the project outcomes and all necessary project elements to deliver the outcomes within the project’s constraints using either a brainstorming mindmap view or a project tree view,
  • Estimate costs and resource effort for each task and arrive at a complete project budget,
  • Qualify and quantify all potential project rework cost and rework time,
  • Develop what-if scenarios of potential project task sequences and associated costs and timelines,
  • Optimize the project task flow based on dependencies and assumptions made,
  • Identify and log all project critical assumptions that lead to avoidable project risks,
  • Schedule your project and view the schedule as a Gantt Chart that includes project risk,
  • Identify Linchpin elements that are critical for the success of the project,
  • Export to Microsoft applications.

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